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#WORKOUToftheWEEK 8.17.2018

5 Rounds for Time
50 Air Squats
40 Porch Jumps (on a rock)
30 Mountain Climbers
20 Lunges
10 Push Ups

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Fittest Travel WOD #17

Looking to stay fit while traveling? Our good friends @FittestTravel have a list of 100 travel workouts you can do anywhere. Read more in the blog and never worry about staying fit while you travel again. 

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Travel WOD 12.15.2017 #12

Fittest Travel is back with another stellar 'on-the-go' workout. See more on the blog inside and why you need to travel with a jump rope. It's the perfect tool for staying fit while traveling. 

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Travel WOD 3.31.2017 "Over and Back"

Travel WOD 3.31.2017 "Over and Back." The Burpee Broad Jump on average burns two calories for every rep. Use this 7 minute amrap to get a good all around bodyweight workout no matter where you are. Props to @athletecoachT for his hard work and dedication on finding fitness outside the box. 

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Travel WOD 2.10.2017 "Pistol Pete"

Larry is back this week with another important travel WOD. This time involving the pistol movement. Get some tips from Larry and get prepared for our Iceland and Costa Rica trips coming up! Post by: Larry Thomas 

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Travel WOD 1.22.2017

Travel WOD 1.22.2017....I did this one in Florence, Italy last week. And when there isn't a box, sometimes you have to come up with your own workout regimen. Hotel rooms, AirBnB's and's how to make the most out of the world around you. 

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Wisdom of the Week - Travel WOD's Part 2

Still at home for the holidays? Stay fit with these travel workouts. Coaches Marc and Aimee break down what it takes to get your body going while at home. Thinking about core flexibility and hip flexors, here are some great movements to keep in mind when you're away from the gym.

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