Fittest Travel WOD #26

Take your fitness with you.
— Chris Castellano // Founder of Fittest Travel


via Fittest Travel

AMRAP in 20 Minutes:

10 Bench or Chair Dips

10 Tuck or Box Jumps

10 Walking  or Jumping Lunges

Summary: Fittest Travel is a website dedicated to helping people stay fit while they travel. 

Not only do they have a kickass Instagram, but they have been blogging about everything from jet lag tips, to workouts, and even the best hotel gyms around the world. They are definitely worth a follow. 

And looking at their workout programs, they are ingeniously finding new ways to give you some excruciating workouts while you travel. No gym around? No problem. Fittest Travel has you covered. 

This workout, in particular, is a 20-minute AMRAP (or as many reps/rounds as possible). While mixing in the dip (find a bench, chair or table), box jumps, and walking lunges, this is the perfect all-around body workout designed to keep you lean, toned and sweating throughout all 20-minutes. It can be done in a hotel, in the park, or anywhere you want, really. And that is the beauty of Fittest Travel. 

Head to their website here, or take a peek at some of our other travel workouts here. And if you need a demo on the box jump, watch the video down below or comment on the blog with questions and we will respond to you ASAP!

Hope to see you on a future tour, too.....

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