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becoming a sponsor for a voyedge rx tour

VoyEdge RX runs a plethora of tours every year. All of which have between 10-22 people touring as a tight-knit group who explore together day after day. With many of our tours ranging between 7 and 12 days each, this time becomes very conducive for becoming deeply acquainted with the VoyEdge RX brand. On top of that, the VoyEdge RX website attains a massive amount of web traffic, which presents an enormous opportunity for any potential partnership or collaboration. It is because of this, we are officially opening up our tours to various sponsors (all of whom are to be approved on a case by case basis) as we believe our media, tours, and the overall opportunities are ideal for potential brand collaborations.

If you are interested, please contact us down below, but understand as a ‘Tour Sponsor' you will receive the following:

  • Your brand’s logo will appear on all trip photography

  • Your brand will be tagged in all social media posts relating to that specific trip running up to the tour departure date (and while on tour)

  • Your brand’s logo and website will be permanently placed and linked from the tour page on our website

  • Your brand’s logo will be embedded into all trip video’s that stem from the tour

  • Your brand, product or service will be photographed by our media team at various locations throughout the trip

  • It will be made clear on all pre-trip communication (emails to customers) that your brand is the main and only sponsor of that tour

  • A link from the trip page you choose to sponsor and store will be placed with your logo and a link back to the site

  • A permanent logo and link will be placed at the bottom of this page linking back to your site and store

  • Optional: You may choose to pay an additional $750 for an ‘On Tour’ photo shoot with your brand, product or service for the trip you choose to sponsor. This is an additional fee of $750 USD on top of the below price for sponsorship


Total price for Sponsorship: $2,599


Contact us here if you wish to become a sponsor

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Terms: There may be only one sponsor per tour (although you may sponsor multiple tours) and it is to be approved on a case by case basis after the initial inquiry is made. The earlier a sponsor is approved for a certain tour, the earlier your logo and website will be linked back to you on our website and social media channels. After approval, a contract will be sent and signed by both parties, but all payments and contracts are final, and invoices can be made so your brand or organization can pay off these increments over time. Sponsorship will begin immediately after the contract is signed and agreed upon over email and first payment is made.

**If your brand has items to put into welcome packages for customers, we will gladly take these and put them into our offerings at any time. Please contact us directly at: staff@voyedgerx.com or email our Business Director, Cam at: cam@voyedgerx.com to discuss in full.


get your competition sponsored!


Need some giveaways for your competition or event?

VoyEdge RX is always happy to sponsor competitions, giveaways, events, raffles and more to reach a wider audience. If you are looking to contact us about this, please use the form below so we can begin the initial conversation.

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Marc Young, VRX Trip Manager in Croatia in July 2018. Photo by  @Sashprez

sponsor a blog or a VoyEdge RX podcast

VoyEdge RX has a robust blog and podcast called, ‘Wisdom of the Week,’ which are both open to sponsorship. With thousands of views on the blog per month, we are open to link insertion, guest blog posts, and also embedding your organization’s logo and website at the top of each blog post. When and if you become a sponsor of either a blog post or a podcast, it will be shared to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn social media channels. All payments must be made via PayPal and inquiries must be made down below first!

Breakdown of pricing for blog sponsorship opportunities:

  • Link insertion = $50

  • Sponsor a blog post with your company’s link in the header= $75

  • Sponsor a blog post with your company’s website link and logo = $100

  • Sponsor three blog posts with your company’s website link, logo and be featured in our newsletter = $125

  • Podcast Sponsorship per episode = please contact us at: staff@voyedgerx.com or down below for current pricing details

  • Guest blog = Free! As long as the content is relevant to one of our trips or mission statement, otherwise, it is $25 per post

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact us using the form below for more details.

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