If you are on the go and need some workout ideas, here are two of my favorites. Both are simple and devastatingly effective. Since every travel scenario is different, I have provided one workout that includes minimal equipment, and one workout that requires no equipment at all.

travel workout dumbbell clusters

Travel workout #1

For Time: 

100 Dumbbell Burpee Clusters 

This one is absolutely brutal. Pick a pair of dumbbells that you can handle well, no more than 50lbs for dudes and 35lbs for dudettes. Do a burpee on top of the dumbbells, jump up, and squat clean the dumbbells straight into an overhead press. Repeat that 100 times, and lose a piece of your soul in the process.


iceland push up workout

Travel workout #2

5 Rounds:

15 Push Ups

25 Sit Ups

35 Squats

This workout needs no equipment and no space at all. It may not look like much, but this one will kick your ass. 75 total push ups, 125 sit ups, and 175 total squats will add up fast. Make sure you maintain intensity, and this one won't disappoint. Trust me.  

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