Fittest Travel WOD #18

Left to right, VoyEdge RX team members, Cam, Ashley & Larry at CrossFit Reykjavik in July 2017

Left to right, VoyEdge RX team members, Cam, Ashley & Larry at CrossFit Reykjavik in July 2017

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Travel WOD #18

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250 Air Squats for time


What's the deal with air squats? As it turns out, they are actually an excellent workout and here's why you should embrace them and do them anywhere. 

  • The majority of people have never been taught proper squat form.
  • Most guys’ (and some females’) hamstrings are so tight they can’t get to parallel or below due to their lack of flexibility.
  • Most people have some sort of muscular imbalance that shows up when doing air squats.
  • A lot of people get winded after just 10 air squats.
  • Almost nobody engages their core or upper body properly or knows what to do with their arms while squatting.
  • At least half of all people I’ve seen do air squats put their weight on the toes, causing them to almost topple over.
  • Your weight should be in your heels and hip crease should be below the knees.
  • The majority of people don’t know how low they’re actually supposed to squat down.

Takeaway from this workout: You will get an excellent lower section workout from your glutes to your hamstrings, calves, ankles and more. It will leave you feeling GOOD, but obviously sore. It will also work your core and help you build a stronger base for nearly every other fitness/CrossFit based movements.

Oh, and these workouts can be done anywhere on the planet from your hotel room to the gym, office, airport and more. 

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It's tough to stay fit while traveling.

It doesn't matter what kind of fitness routine you have at home. Everything is up in the air when you're in airports, hotels, conferences, meetings, sightseeing or visiting friends and family. To make matters even worse, most hotels do not have gyms – at least not legit ones. This doesn't mean that you have to put your fitness on hold when you travel.

In fact, it's the perfect time to get in great shape. You just need the right info.

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Hotels have been upping their fitness game in recent years, with many offering new and innovative ways to help their guests stay fit and healthy. But you can't always rely on there being a gym around when you're away from home.

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