Fittest Travel WOD #17

"Sweat, smile & repeat." - Fittest Travel

Fittest Travel was started by: Chris Castellano who is an Army reservist (now) and a firefighter based in New York, New York, and in his spare time he has committed to covering the topics of travel & fitness, two of our absolute favorite things in the world, and has an AMAZING blog detailing how people stay fit all across the world. 

He has a PDF list of travel workouts here and even an e-book you can download, but the most amazing thing is the tribe of people who want to escape the gym, travel and stay fit while doing it. It's really an amazing community of people and we want to give him a weekly shoutout wherever he goes. 

For now, take a peek at this workout he has as #17 in his PDF and let us know what you think about it in the comment sections down below. 

Head to the Fittest Travel website here. 

Workout #17

5 Rounds For Time:

Handstand 30 seconds

20 Squats

A little bit of a burner, eh? Those 30-second handstands can really add up after a while and is not something you should take lightly. 

If you have trouble kicking up to the wall, place your hand about shoulder width apart and really COMMIT to throwing your legs up against the wall. You won't bounce back, we promise, and straighten those arms out and don't forget to breathe! 

And as you come down, make sure you focus on that DEPTH of the squat and really try to maintain quality over quantity. 

Again, big shout out to Fittest Travel for their amazing list of workouts here. Be sure to head to their site, give them a follow and check back every Friday for more travel workouts designed from them to keep you in shape, fit, and ready to rock no matter where you go. 

Travel + Fitness = Happiness. -  Fittest Travel Motto

Travel + Fitness = Happiness. - Fittest Travel Motto