Fittest Travel WOD #15

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What do you bring with you when you travel? A jump rope? Nothing? Just some clothes and hope you encounter a decent hotel gym? 

Better not chance it. Be prepared to workout, always bring your jump rope, and get the sweat out while you travel. Even when you don't have access to a decent gym. 

Well, that's why we have partnered with Fittest Travel to bring you some elite-level workouts you can do anywhere. Whether you are traveling for business, or for pleasure, both Fittest Travel and VoyEdge RX knows that your workouts matter. But not necessarily where you do them. 

We have been detailing 'on-the-go' workouts week in and week out, so let's hop to it for this week's edition. This is a workout you can do anywhere, and if you are staying in a hotel, chances are their hotel has a dumbbell, or at the very least, a kettlebell. And if you're like me, you take your jump rope everywhere you go, and there's a good reason for it. 

Check this travel workout out from Fittest Travel, and join their tribe here. 


With Jump Rope, Pull-Up Bar and Dumbbell/Kettlebell

WOD #15

3 Rounds For Time:

5 Pull-Ups

10 Hand Release Push-Ups

15 Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings

20 Burpees

25 Double Unders

Fittest Travel was founded in 2016 and their mission is simple. Help people become fitter travelers. 

Our Mission

Fittest Travel was started by Chris Castellano in 2016 to help you stay fit while traveling.

Our Philosophy

Keep it simple.

You can't always rely on there being a gym around when you're away from home. Be self-reliant. Use your bodyweight. Workout in your hotel room. Workout anywhere. 

It doesn't have to be a struggle. We believe that travel + fitness = happiness. Do you feel the same way? Join our tribe. Be a fitter traveler. Be part of a fitness movement built around traveling.

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