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VoyEdge RX is a fitness adventure company based out of the United States and operates tours all around the world.

As a tight-knit team or friends, athletes, teachers and content producers, we are laser-focused on the customer experience. Every person we meet, email with, and have on tour deeply matters to us as a company and the way we see it, we are forever in test mode and always improving day by day. That is why we strive to put together the best itineraries for the lowest price possible. PERIOD. And your feedback, your recommendations, our relationships with you matter more than anything. VoyEdge RX wants our customers, fans, partners, and advocates to understand you are what make our company and trips great. If you have a tip, question or just want to chat, please fill out the form below.

If you want to get ahold of us, please email us directly at: or call/text us to: +1.617.866.9573

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