These are our most frequently asked questions. Please read through them, and if you have any questions, contact us directly at: staff@voyedgerx.com. Also visit our Terms & Conditions page for more detailed answers to your questions.


business-related questions

Q: What is VoyEdge RX?
A: VoyEdge RX is an adventure fitness travel company, delivering life changing experiences in the pursuit of health, wellness, and happiness. We offer small, tight-knit group tours to exotic and off the beaten-path destinations such as Costa Rica, Iceland, Italy, South Africa, Canada, & more.

Q: When did VoyEdge RX start?
A: We launched in September 2016.

Q: How did VoyEdge RX start? And what are your credentials?
VoyEdge RX started back in 2016 after our CEO came back after years of traveling and working in Europe. He and several of his former co-workers in Italy used to run 3-day and10-day tours for study abroad students to locations like; Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Ireland, and more. Combined with his experience as an athlete, he and several other close friends sought to create a company solely focused on fitness, adventure, and living life outside of the comfort zone. Thus, VoyEdge RX was born.

Q: What does VoyEdge RX mean? And where does it come from?
A: The word ‘Voy’ in Spanish means, ‘to go.’ Edge refers to the ‘edge of your comfort zone’, and RX means, ‘as prescribed.’ All together, it means - “You go to the edge as prescribed,’ which is what our brand, mission, and team stand for.

Q: How many people work for VoyEdge RX?
A: There are 10 of us currently working on VoyEdge RX. Please see here for a list of our current team members.

Q: Is VoyEdge RX hiring?
A: We are always interested in chatting with likeminded folks who love travel & fitness! Shoot us a line if you’re interested in connecting to: staff@voyedgerx.com

Q: Is VoyEdge RX funded by venture capital?
A: No. We started this company and bootstrapped everything ourselves with a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistence. If you are a VC or want to know more, please email us at: staff@voyedgerx.com

Q: How do you make your trips?
A: We work as a team to decide the locations of our next trips and work tirelessly to forge the best ‘off the beaten-path’ itineraries we can.

Q: What do most of your trips consist of?
A: The majority of our trips have a big emphasis on fitness & wellness. We strive for a perfect balance of sightseeing, adventure activities, free time, and optional daily workouts (either at a gym or in the great outdoors).



Q: Do I have to do CrossFit to sign up for a trip/is there a fitness level requirement?
A: NO! You do not need to do CrossFit to sign up for a trip, and there is no fitness level requirement. We will offer gym drop-ins, travel workouts, hikes, yoga, etc. almost every day on your tour, but it is all OPTIONAL!

Q: I love the itinerary, but there are 1 or 2 activities I am not interested in. Am I obligated to participate in everything?
A: No, you are not obligated to participate in anything you do not want to do. However, please understand that anything listed in the “what’s included” section of an itinerary is included in the price.

Q: Are flights included?
A: We do not include RT flights in our prices. If you would like us to purchase your flight for you, we can absolutely do that for a small fee, and add the total cost of the flight to your invoice so you may pay it off over time.

Q: Will we have a more detailed itinerary after we sign up?
A: Yes! You will receive a more detailed hour-by-hour itinerary a few days before departure and you will receive monthly trip updates from our team to everyone going on the tour.

Q: How much is it to reserve my spot?
A: For all of our trips (except Africa) we require a non-refundable deposit of $300 to save your spot, which goes towards the total cost of your trip. After that, our team will send you an invoice for the remaining balance with monthly payment breakdowns. You have until 90 days before the tour to pay off the balance.

Q: Can I pay in full?
A: Yes. Please email us at: staff@voyedgerx.com if you want to pay in full.

Q: Can I book over the phone?
A: Yes. You can call our Business Director, Cam at: +1-617-866-9573 (his personal cell) and he will take care of you.

Q: I have a group who wants to sign-up! What should we do?
A: Email us at: staff@voyedgerx.com FIRST! We will then give you a corresponding code that is good for 48 hours only. You must have all the members of your party sign-up with those 48 hours to receive the full discount on all your invoices.

Q: How many people usually go on the trips?
A: VoyEdge RX runs trips from 10 - 20 people. Usually, it is around 15-20 per tour.

Q: How do I see who else is going on this trip?
A: Join your tour’s event page on Facebook to see who else is going! We will send you a link to the Facebook group, and several other of our community links for you to interact, engage and meet your fellow travelers.

Q: Ok, I signed-up! What happens next?
A: After you’ve placed your $300 deposit, you will receive an order confirmation and our team will move quickly to process your order and send your welcome package (full of swag & a shirt). You will also receive an invoice with all of the relevant information about this trip, including groups to RSVP to and more. Keep an eye out for monthly trip updates after that!

Q: What happens if I can’t go?
A: Please read through our full Terms & Conditions here for our cancellation policy. There may be exceptions for family emergencies, personal injuries, and more, but do require proof of such event. If you have any questions about this, please email us at: staff@voyedgerx.com

Q: I am dying to go on a trip but I don’t see any trips that work with my schedule. Do you have any custom dates?
A: Yes, we do custom tours! Please see this custom tour page here, or reach out to us at: staff@voyedgerx.com for more information or to begin planning your next adventure.

Q: The trip I want to sign up for is full! Do you have a waitlist?
A: Yes! Any tour that is closed or sold out will have a waitlist. You may sign up for the waitlist via the specific trip page on the website by entering your email address!


on the trip

Q: Will someone be picking me up from the airport upon arrival, or do I have to find my own way to the hotel?
A: At least one VoyEdgeRX guide will be there to pick you up at the airport on arrival day. You will find out your meeting place when your detailed hour-by-hour itinerary is sent out before departure.

Q: What kind of accommodations do you stay at?
A: For the majority of our trips, we stay in at least three-star accommodations. We often stay in apartments through Europe, or at AirBnB’s for some nights in more remote destinations. Regardless, all of our accommodations are generally based on double-occupancy rooms where we place people together by similar age and gender.

Q: Will my spouse/friend/group I signed up with automatically be placed together in our accommodations on the trip?
A: Yes! We will place you in rooms with those you signed up with.

Q: I’m a solo traveler. Can I have private accommodations?
A: Private accommodations come at an extra cost of $150 per night and can be added to your invoice. Please understand that private accommodations may not be available for every night of every trip. You will be notified of how many nights of private accommodations are available before the cost is added to your invoice. If they are not available every night, you will only be charged for the number of nights they are available.

Q: I hate tracking and booking flights. Can you book my airfare for me?
A: Yes! If you would like, VoyEdgeRX will book your flight for you for an added fee and will apply it to your invoice so you have more time and flexibility to pay off the balance.

Q: Am I required to purchase travel insurance?
A: For most trips, you are not required to have travel insurance. We do highly encourage you to purchase it though for any international trip. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time, and it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Travel insurance is required for some trips such as South Africa. If it is a required purchase for your tour, you will be notified either through your detailed itinerary or the monthly trip updates.

Q: Do you release the photos you take on the trip?
A: Yes, all photos from the tour will be released within a few weeks after the trip has ended. These are included in the price of the tour! We also produce a video from the tour which will go on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Q: What’s the latest date I can sign up for a trip?
A: Each trip has a date listed at the bottom of the trip page with the closing date for bookings. In general, bookings will close about 3 months prior to trip start date, unless they sell out before then.

Q: Are meals included?
A: Some meals are included in the price of the trip. Generally, most breakfasts and some dinners are included in the price, but it varies by trip. See each of the trip pages for more information on what’s included and not included.

Q: Can I do laundry on the trip?
A: Yes, we try to include laundry stops during the trip for our customers.

Q: Who leads the tours?
A: Our staff leads the tours, but when it comes to historic areas & adventurous activities, we use tour providers and various guides to get the best experience in a certain location.

Q: What happens at the end of the trip?
A: At the end of the trip we give you a huge hug goodbye and help you get to the airport swiftly and safely. We then produce the media from the trip and send out a trip feedback form to garner feedback to improve and prepare on for the next time around.


other faq’s

Q: I am a hotel or activity provider and want to get in touch with VoyEdge RX. How can I do that?
A: Email us please - staff@voyedgerx.com

Q: I have a gift certificate or a promotional code for a trip. How can I use that?
A: You may apply it during the checkout process for a certain percentage or flat amount off.

Q: I am a brand and want to partner or sponsor with VoyEdge RX. What are my options?
A: Please email us first. If you want to sponsor a specific tour directly, you may also tell us more abut your proposition here.

Q: I have a new idea for a tour, who can I submit it to?
A: Send it to our team! We are always learning, adapting, and growing. Email us at: staff@voyedgerx.com

Q: I want to become a guest blogger for VoyEdge RX. Who should I get in contact with?
A: Email our Business Director, Cam, here.

Q: Do you folks sell apparel?
A: Yes, check out our store here.

Q: I want VoyEdge RX to sponsor my competition or event - how can we get get in touch?
A: Email our Business Director, Cam at: cam@voyedgerx.com for more information on partnerships and marketing opportunities.

Q: Are there testimonials from previous trips?
A: Yes, see them all here, or on our Facebook page here.

Q: Do you have a community of all your travelers from previous trips?
A: Yes! You can join our ‘Travel & Fitness’ group here.

Q: Does VoyEdge RX accept donations?
A: If you really want, you can donate to our cause by buying a shirt, or donating to us directly via this PayPal.me link.




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