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VoyEdge RX is an adventure fitness travel company focused on crafting handmade custom and group trips for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Founded in 2015 by Tony Beringer & Cam King, VoyEdge RX came about as an idea to center group travel on tight-knit tours focused on health, wellness and getting outside of one’s own comfort zone to places you wouldn’t normally travel to on your own. As a team, we know group travel can be cumbersome, un-adventurous, and quite often can have too many people. That is why every VRX adventure has between 10-22 people and at least three guides (including a professional photographer) on tour with you. Drawing upon Tony & Cam’s previous experience of guiding and managing a European tour business, VoyEdge RX combines the elements and principles of functional fitness (CrossFit) and includes daily workouts, hiking, or active expeditions everyday on each one of our tours. While everything is optional and always up to you, we believe in the prolific power of health, wellness and a life well-traveled on the two principles of adventure & fitness.

While the ‘Functional Fitness Travel’ industry has grown, VoyEdge RX’s mission has always been to keep group travel small, intimate and full of wide-ranging adventurous experiences. By relying on and working with your fellow travelers of all ages, race, sex and abilities, and background, the goal for every trip is to introduce you to new things, people, places and get you to grow as an individual while making newfound friends for life. We do not consider ourselves a, ‘CrossFit Travel,’ company and instead brand ourselves as being an Adventure Fitness Tour operator designed for everyone.

VoyEdge RX has grown into an incredibly tight-knit team (we consider ourselves a true family) and we put every once of effort we possibly can into crafting these itineraries designed to get you outside of your comfort zone doing things you never thought you would do in places you never thought you’d be. Every tour is crafted, tested, built on the website and led by VoyEdge RX staff members and customer experience is always our number one priority. That is why our staff members will be right there next to you on tour, laughing, smiling, sweating, cheering you on and getting to know you and your fellow travelers every step of the way.

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Croatia 2018 with VoyEdge RX

Croatia 2018 with VoyEdge RX




Here at VoyEdge RX, we are in the business of changing lives, introducing people to the world and, in the process, hopefully themselves. We understand the trip of a lifetime is not solely that month you spent backpacking in Europe, but a journey of constant exploration that actually lasts a lifetime. The way we see it?

Adventure is a lifestyle

Our team was founded by a group of active and intrepid adventurers who are passionate about bringing this lifestyle to you, while valuing fitness every step of the way. To learn more about the team, read our personal stories here.

We are in the constant pursuit of the edge, of the horizon, each and every day. In fact, it is in our very name…

  • voy = spanish for "i go"

  • edge = the fringes of your comfort zone

  • rx = as prescribed

Our mission is to take active-minded individuals to locations they yearn to explore, and introduce these locations through activities and experiences that will bring them off the beaten path, and to the Edge of their comfort zone.

That is, in essence, VoyEdge RX.

Rome & Amalfi Coast 2019. Photo by: Sasha Preziosa

Rome & Amalfi Coast 2019. Photo by: Sasha Preziosa



We build global itineraries bringing travelers like you to nearly every continent, with eager eyes on those remaining parts of the map. Our trips are built with love to ensure your experience is unlike anything you have ever done before. Keeping our groups small, we stay nimble and agile. This allows us to get into those hard to reach destinations, leaving people dumbfounded when you bring back the pictures. What’s more, sharing the wonder of these locations in a tight-knit group will result in the making of unforeseen friendships that will carry on for years to come.

Our roots are in the belief of active travel, heart pounding excursions, and immersion into the unknown. At VoyEdge RX, we make sure our trips cater to people of all levels and experiences, with a common focus in health and wellness. Each trip provides an opportunity to drop into the local communities we visit, providing our customers with unparalleled fitness experiences. We make sure to start our mornings off right with an optional workout, yoga session, or even a nice jog through the quiet streets of a mysterious new city. Our itineraries are bursting at the seams with breathtaking activities designed to immerse travelers deeper into the culture in an exciting way that will find you face to face with the Edge of your comfort zone.

In addition to group tours, we also offer custom tours for companies, boxes, families, couples and more looking for a tailored approach to traveling the globe. Read more about it here.

Greece 2018 with VoyEdge RX. Photo by: Sasha Preziosa

Greece 2018 with VoyEdge RX. Photo by: Sasha Preziosa


The VRX difference

VoyEdge RX understands there are a plethora of group tour and operators out there for you to choose from. Our belief is that group travel should be active, engaging, off the beaten path and take you to places you would want to be with a group. That is why we arrange unique itineraries built on the principles of travel & fitness and also keep our groups small and team-oriented in groups between 10 and 22 people.

Every one of our tours is created, verified and vetted from our small team who also lead every tour. We fully believe that travel changes a person and understand it is a huge investment to choose to travel with a tour operator. Our team puts 110% effort into running and leading these group tours and our focus is always on the customer experience. We will be there leading, sweating, engaging, eating and laughing with you at every step of the tour, while always giving you enough time to go off and adventure on your own.

Every VoyEdge RX tour is also equipped with a professional photographer so you can remain engaged while on tour. We produce hundreds of high-resolution photos after every tour we run and produce a myriad of video highlights as well for you to share on social media and beyond.

VoyEdge RX also cares deeply about the places we go to, and that is why we choose to invest in small, local tour providers who are able to show you the hidden gems of each destination. VRX also mixes in daily workouts, hikes, gym drop-ins (mostly for CrossFit athletes) who love to workout while they travel. It is our belief that there is nothing quite like sweating as the sun rises in a foreign location. Although no element of fitness is required, we encourage all travelers with VoyEdge RX to step outside of their comfort zone on some aspect of the trip.

Furthermore, VoyEdge RX tours are for everyone of all ages, backgrounds, races, abilities and more. We believe the best part about our tours are the people you meet on them. To date, we have had more than 300 travelers join us on some truly amazing adventures from Iceland, Costa Rica, Italy, The U.S. Southwest, Greece to Croatia and more and we cannot wait to continue growing, unplugging and adventuring with you.

Lastly - VoyEdge RX offers flexible invoicing to which most tour operators do not provide. To book, we require a deposit of $300 for every tour and give you up until 60 days before the tour to pay off the balance of the tour as you wish! Complete with referral rates, group rates and discount codes, the ability to travel has never been easier with VoyEdge RX. Additionally, we offer custom tours to which you can find out more information here. You may adapt any one of our itineraries to do a custom tour for you, your family, or community any time of the year! We also create custom itineraries to anywhere else in the world completely, and uniquely, designed by our team.

If you ever have a question about our tours, offerings and more, please contact us down below!


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