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august 31-sept. 9, 2018

Explore the cradle of western civilization from Athens to Meteora, Delphi & Trikala to the epic islands of Santorini, Mykonos and more. You ready to mix in history,  beaches, parties, workouts and the world's best sunset all in one trip?

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costa rica

february 16-23, 2019

Stay at the world famous OM at Cashew Hill in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and spend a week surrounded by the jungle in bungalows while hiking through rainforests, surfing, seeing sloths, and performing daily yoga. Rafting, meals and more included.

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prague to munich

april 21-28, 2019

Bohemian Castles, Gothic architecture, Saxon-Switzerland National Park, CrossFit Meat Factory & the second biggest beer drinking festival in the world in Munich, Germany.

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Book any tour for $300 down, and pay off the balance as you go. We offer flexible invoicing plans that allow you to pay as you please up until 90 days before the tour begins. The earlier you sign-up, the more time you have to pay it off the tour itself. 

  • Tiered pricing - the earlier you sign-up for a trip, the less you pay
  • Referral rates, group rates, and discounts for first responders, military members, affiliate owners, & coaches

*Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for details.*

After signing-up, you will receive a welcome package with VoyEdge RX gear and swag from trip sponsors


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Fitness-inspired, but not required

born from functional fitness backgrounds, but noT required if that's not your thing.

VoyEdge RX offers workouts, drop-ins, hikes, and mobility sessions most days on our trips. These are optional and built-in to the overall price of every tour. Perfect for the traveler who loves to stay fit, but in no way mandatory or required to do on the tour. Everything on our tours are entirely scaleable and optional for every one of our customers. If you have any other questions, please email us. 


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custom trips & flights too

Not up for a group adventure? That's cool. We make custom trips.

We do not include flights in our prices, but will happily book your flight as a separate cost after you sign-up. Or, we will help you find the best deal, period.

Not interested in a group adventure? Check out our custom tour page here.

We ideate, create, customize, and optimize family vacations, small group tours, and everything else you could want. Just tell us where you want to go, and we will take care of the rest. Contact us through the link down below and we would be more than happy to set-up a custom adventure for you, your family, friends, group, club, or other type of community outing.

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