Fittest Travel WOD #22

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Travel WOD #22

From Fittest Travel

5 Rounds For Time:

Handstand 1 minute (against a wall, if need be)

Hold the bottom of the squat 1 minute

Staying healthy and fit on the road can be tough. And when we don't have access to fitness equipment or a gym, people often overlook the one tool they do have for attaining their fitness. And that is your body. 

When it comes to the workout above, there should be an emphasis on maintaining solid muscle endurance. Whether it is a handstand hold for 1-minute against a wall, or holding the bottom of a squat for 60 seconds, there should be a solid focus on breathing and maintaining your body position. Five rounds can be quite tough, so scale as necessary and remember to tighten your core on both of these movements!

Body-weight movements are essential for carving and sculpting a toned in-shape body. And using it to maximum effectiveness is what Fittest Travel is all about. By combining a myriad of gymnastics movements along with essential things like squats, push-ups, pull-ups and more together, they have created the elements of what it means to be an 'athletic nomad.' No longer do you need to find a gym when you travel.

No longer should you feel sluggish, overworked and out-of-shape. Fittest Travel is a means to a lifestyle filled with fitness and adventure - something we wholeheartedly agree with and can entirely tap into their mantra. 

Check out some of their tips, tricks, workouts and more on their website, and see what it means to live the athletic nomad lifestyle.

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