Travel Workout 11.23.2018

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.
— Ralph Marston // NFL Football Player - Boston Bulldogs 1929

Travel WOD:

4 rounds:

Run 400m

30 air squat

20 double dumbbell ground to overhead

WOD credit: Aimee Young

Recap: Assuming you have a dumbbell laying around for a travel workout, this is an excellent workout. It combines aerobic capacity, gymnastics and range of motion with the squats, and then combines both of those into a DB ground tot overhead movement. The last of which can be quite tricky. If you do not have a DB to throw around and use in this workout, perhaps change it to 35 push-ups and get back to another round. You will notice a slower pace going intot the last two, but this workout tis primarily designed to get you moving in all areas of the body. From the upper torso, to the lower hamstrings and quads, to the shoulders, triceps and beyond, use this workout anywhere from your backyard, the park, to the jungles or Puerto Viejo.

This workout is primarily defined by the dumbbell ground to overhead, or the DB power snatch, as demoed by the movement video down below. Use it and rip that barbell off the ground while keeping your back flat and using your hips and shoulders for the jerk motion while driving your butt down to get under the DB. Stand up in full afterwards to earn that rep in full.

Here’s the demo:

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