VRX Staff members: Marc & Aimee Young on our U.S. National Parks Trip in August 2018

VRX Staff members: Marc & Aimee Young on our U.S. National Parks Trip in August 2018


Here at VoyEdge RX, we are in the business of changing lives, introducing people to the world and, in the process, hopefully themselves. We understand the trip of a lifetime is not solely that month you spent backpacking in Europe, but a journey of constant exploration that actually lasts a lifetime. Adventure is a lifestyle.

Our team was founded by a group of active and intrepid adventurers who are passionate about bringing this lifestyle to you, while valuing fitness every step of the way. To learn more about the team, read our personal stories here.

We are in the constant pursuit of the edge, of the horizon, each and every day. In fact, it is in our very name…

  • voy = spanish for "i go"

  • edge = the fringes of your comfort zone

  • rx = as prescribed

Our mission is to take active-minded individuals to locations they yearn to explore, and introduce these locations through activities and experiences that will bring them off the beaten path, and to the Edge of their comfort zone. This is VoyEdge RX.


We build global itineraries bringing travelers like you to nearly every continent, with eager eyes on those remaining parts of the map. Our trips are built with love to ensure your experience is unlike anything you have ever done before. Keeping our groups small, we stay nimble and agile. This allows us to get into those hard to reach destinations, leaving people dumbfounded when you bring back the pictures. What’s more, sharing the wonder of these locations in a tight-knit group will result in the making of unforeseen friendships that will carry on for years to come.

Our roots are in the belief of active travel, heart pounding excursions, and immersion into the unknown. At VoyEdge RX, we make sure our trips cater to people of all levels and experiences, with a common focus in health and wellness. Each trip provides an opportunity to drop into the local communities we visit, providing our customers with unparalleled fitness experiences. We make sure to start our mornings off right with an optional workout, yoga session, or even a nice jog through the quiet streets of a mysterious new city. Our itineraries are bursting at the seams with breathtaking activities designed to immerse travelers deeper into the culture in an exciting way that will find you face to face with the Edge of your comfort zone.

In addition to group tours, we also offer custom tours for companies, boxes, families, couples and more looking for a tailored approach to traveling the globe. Read more about it here.


They asked George Mallory before one of his last attempts up Mount Everest why he climbed it, and he responded coolly, “because it is there.” There is a great big world out there filled with our own Everests, calling out to each of us. The lullaby of elephants and lions, the smell of fresh pesto in rugged Italian villages, sunrises over vast canyons, and the vision of stunning black sand beaches each call upon something in our wildest imagination. With VoyEdge RX, we have the opportunity to dive into this world in a way unlike any other.

We are not in the tourism business; we are in the adventure business. Our staff has a collective experience spanning six continents, nearly a decade spent overseas, and a relentless passion to leave your jaws dropped. If you are someone drawn to adventure, to discovery, to living this life to its fullest degree, you have found your tribe on the Edge, and we cannot wait to meet you.

Meet the team here, or see all our group tours here.


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