Travel WOD 12.15.2017 #12

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible solutions.

- Charles Swindoll

On every trip we've run so far, I always tell people to bring their jump ropes. Why? Because it's one of the best tools you can have to stay fit while traveling. It's imperative to have, and something you should ALWAYS take with you on the road. You can do double unders anywhere, and it's an easy movement to learn if you practice every day. Do yourself a favor, and jump over to Rogue right now if you don't have one. 

Here's the link to one of our favorite speed ropes. 

Never underestimate the ability to stay fit, no matter where you go in the world. You don't always need a gym to break a sweat. Whether it's hiking, doing a travel workout, or working on your cardio, it's always easy to fit a small workout in, because....after all. This is your health we're talking about. 


WOD #12

For Time:

30 Handstand Pushups

40 Jump squats

50 Sit-ups

60 Squats

70 Double unders

I love this workout because its something you can do in your hotel room, outside against a wall, and uses your entire body. It's arguably just as good of a workout as anything you might do in a gym with a barbell, and you'll be using nearly all your muscle groups. Just another reason why I love all these workouts from our good friends at Fittest Travel. 

For more on Fittest Travel, click here, or read down below. 

Our Mission

Fittest Travel was started by Chris Castellano in 2016 to help you stay fit while traveling.

Our Philosophy

Keep it simple.

You can't always rely on there being a gym around when you're away from. Be self-reliant. Use your bodyweight. Workout in your hotel room. Workout anywhere. 

And if you need help on double unders....

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