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Wisdom of the Week- Introducing Toes To Bar

Aimee & Marc introduce toes to bar, and discuss tips to become more efficient. Read about it here, and stay tuned for more drills and scaling options to come!

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Mind Your Manners

In CrossFit the top of the "fitness pyramid" recommends you play new games, try new sports ... essentially put your fitness into play outside of your comfort zone. This could be something like trying netball or playing in a local game of football (soccer) but it also could be something smaller and much more subtle. Right before me, served on a silver platter, was an opportunity to put my fitness to the test.

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Afrika, Mien Liebling

It's when things don't go according to plan you learn the most. For a place where nothing works as it "should", there is quite a bit to learn.

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Why You Need To See The Dolomites In Real Life

We've all seen mountains, but how about mountains that housed WW1 battles? How about mountains that housed dinosaur bones for millions of years. Or, how about the home of Italian BASE jumping and wingsuiting excursions? This is the Dolomite Mountain range. See why you need to make it your next trip ASAP. 

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Tim's #WODoftheWEEK 'Holleyman.'


30 rounds for time of:
5 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
3 Handstand push-ups
225 pound Power clean, 1 rep

Post your time to the comments below. I did it scaled, by this is a beast of a WOD. Read my full take in the blog. 

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How Travel & Fitness Changed My Life.

I was never renowned for my physical prowess. I had to work at it...and being super competitive it wasn't always easy. As a tour guide, the gym became my solace. My church. My outlet for too much booze and lack of sleep. Somehow I survived the madness of being a tour guide in Europe after college, but the key takeaway from my 2+ years there, was a life better lived through travel & fitness. Read more here...

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