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Guest Blog Post: "Why CrossFit Works - Community with no dividing lines"

Why CrossFit as a community works. It's not where you are in life, or the skills you have, but those around you and the abilities you develop that create the perfect learning environment.....5:30 AM fitness or not, you're part of the #fitfam. By: Stephanie Krieg of CrossFit Redzone in Newtown, CT

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How Travel & Fitness Changed My Life.

I was never renowned for my physical prowess. I had to work at it...and being super competitive it wasn't always easy. As a tour guide, the gym became my solace. My church. My outlet for too much booze and lack of sleep. Somehow I survived the madness of being a tour guide in Europe after college, but the key takeaway from my 2+ years there, was a life better lived through travel & fitness. Read more here...

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