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#WorkoutoftheWeek 8.20.2019 - Marcus Filly
The Greatest Adventure is Within

What is your definition of adventure? What calls you to the wild places? What within you scares you most? There is where the journey begins, so, where to next? 

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Wisdom of the Week- Closing out the Lat Mobility

Marc and Aimee close out the lat mobility series in the Dolomites of Italy. Use these stretches in the series daily to keep your lats healthy, and email us with your progress!

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T-Minus 10 Days to Adventure

T-minus 10 days until our Northern Italy & Switzerland tour kicks off. Find out what VRX guide Marc is MOST looking forward to there...

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Mind Your Manners

In CrossFit the top of the "fitness pyramid" recommends you play new games, try new sports ... essentially put your fitness into play outside of your comfort zone. This could be something like trying netball or playing in a local game of football (soccer) but it also could be something smaller and much more subtle. Right before me, served on a silver platter, was an opportunity to put my fitness to the test.

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My Experience with Nutritional Challenges (Part 1)

Cam just wrapped up his second nutritional challenge in two years. Here are some of his thoughts on cutting processed carbs, sugars, dairy and what it takes to go Paleo. Read more in our latest blog. 

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