Workout of the Week - 10.14.2019 - 'Revival Strength Day 42'

Workout of the Week 10.14.2019

WOD Credit: Revival Strength - Day 42

3 Rounds at 85% sustained effort

  • Run 200 meters

  • 5 Chest-to-bar

  • 5 Toes-to-bar

  • 5 Pull-ups

  • Assault Bike 400 meters

  • 4-6 Strict Ring Dips

  • 12 Hand-release push-ups

  • Row 200 meters

Rest walk 2 minutes, 30 seconds between rounds

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Workout of the Week - 10.7.2019 - Day 37 via Revival Strength

A little bit of everything here to build that strength!! Chest-to-bar pull-ups, Row, Strict Ring Dips, Ring Push-ups, Assault Bike and plenty of rest in between. Check it out!

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7 Rules For Dropping-In To Any CrossFit Gym

Looking for some pro-tips when it comes to dropping-in at a CrossFit gym? Read this.

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Seven Places You Should Go in 2020

Looking for the top places to travel to in 2020? Read this blog.

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Bucket List: Fisherman's Bastion

On our Bucket List this week? The Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest. Have you been, yet? Read here for more info about this incredible place.

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Six of the most unusual towns in the world

SIx of the most unusual towns throughout the world. Have you been to any of these?

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Workout of the Week - 9.23.2019 - Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave

4 RFT (rounds for time) starting every 6 minutes of: 12/10 cal row, 8 CTB pull-ups, 8 box jump overs, 16 KB swings = 70/53 lbs., 8 box jump overs, 8 TTB, 12/10 cal bike

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Travel Workout #70

EMOM x 20/24/28/32.... (add 4 mins up to a max of 40mins)
1st - Bent Over Row + Snatch High Pull + Muscle Snatch x 3/arm
2nd - 8 Dumbbell Cross Body RDL/arm
3rd - 8 Half Kneeling Arnold Press/arm
4th - 8 Single Arm DB Rack Reverse Lunge/leg

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