Here at VoyEdge RX, we are traveling people who always want to get off the beaten path and see things few others have. It has taken years for each of us to get here, and not all travelers have that ability. Here are a quick 3 keys to easing your way into a life of travel, and way that might make the transition easy and fun!

1) Start Off In a Touristy Location

If you are new to travel, try picking a location for an adventure that is ONNNN the beaten path. Picking a touristy location will help your earlier international experiences to be easier to handle. For one, touristy locations are often full of English speakers, since they are used to dealing with American tourists. Signage is more likely to be in English as well. Additionally, a super touristy location will have lots of guided tours that you can easily sign up for, and easily experience the culture without  going overboard for your first time.

2) Get Yourself an International Service Plan

In day to day life, our phones are our best friends. Obviously, there are a lot of issues with them, like inability to hold conversations, or use of social media. But the tools a phone can provide us makes life a lot easier in many situations. Getting yourself the ability to use your data internationally will open up the pathway to easier travel. Finding a good local restaurant is only a google search away. You can also use your phone GPS to find places more easily. Every provider's plans will be different, but I know at Verizon you can add travel pass to your plan. This is a neat service because you only get charged when using your phone on foreign soil, at a rate of 10 dollars per day. 

3. Travel With a Guided Group

One of the easiest ways to have a smooth transition into a life of travel is simply to travel with a group like us! When you travel with a guided group, it may help you in a lot of ways. First and foremost, you won't be alone, you will have travel buddies who can easily become friends. Additionally, you can pick up a lot of travel tips and tricks form your guides that you can easily apply to personal travel in the future. By the time you finish your first trip, you will feel much more prepared for personal travel, and take off on your own grand adventures!

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