Here at VoyEdge RX, we are all about getting off the beaten path. Touristy locations are fantastic, but there is nothing quite like finding a hidden gem that nobody else knows about; our little secret, if you will. Here I am providing you a list of my personal secret spots. If you check any of these places out, you will be glad you did.


Bolzano is an amazing little town in northern Italy, tucked into the Dolomite mountains. Few American travelers know of this place. In fact, when we were in Milan talking to the locals about our intended destinations, they were very surprised Bolzano was on the list. It's a small vacation town for locals, with quaint markets and delicious food. There is a strong German influence in this town, which is far different from the rest of the country.

northern italy bolzano


Calm down, and hear me out. Venice is one of the most tourist-filled cities in the world, so it may not really belong on this list. But I have never experienced magic quite like Venice. Of all the places I have seen, nowhere has changed so quickly as Venice. There are THOUSANDS of tourists, yes, but all of them seem to be crammed into the main street, and St. Mark's Square. The secret of Venice is getting lost in its maze of side streets. Take one turn off the main way, and you will be stunned by the quiet, rustic beauty of this sinking city. It feels as if you are the only person left in the world.

venice italy


Plitvice is a National Park in Croatia, and it will change your life. Plitvice is a mountainous park, teeming with hundreds of stunning waterfalls and pools. One solitary wooden walkway flows through the magical forests, leading you from waterfall to waterfall, lagoon to lagoon. There is a magic in this place found in few other places on earth.

plitvice national park croatia


Como is a simply gorgeous town in northern Italy, tucked away in a separate part of the Dolomites than Bolzano is. Lake Como is, you guessed it, a small lake town full of the best Italy has to offer. The pace is slow, and the views are outstanding. You can hike up high to get a beautiful look down at the Lake below. You can get delicious pizza, savory pasta, and unbelievable gelato. Fun facts about Lake Como, George Clooney has a house there, and it was featured in Star Wars as Naboo, specifically where Queen Amidala lives. What a breathtaking place, worth a trip for sure.

lake como italy

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