This week our workout comes from our drop-in at CrossFitEO in Munich, Germany. This box is so accommodating and open to our workout and had some of the best coaching we had seen at any of our drop ins.

We made this workout with the goal to be for each team to get at least a round and a half to two rounds. Grab your workout buddy and get to work!


 Strength Complex

Every 2:00 for 5 sets:

1 Power Clean

1 Hang Squat Clean

1 Front Squat



With a partner


30 Pull-ups 

40 Med Ball Sit-ups

50 Wall Balls (20/14lbs) 10’/9’ target

60 Power Cleans (135/95lbs)

50 Wall Balls 

40 Med Ball Bear Hug Lunges (1-count)

30 Push Ups



It’s cleaning day, woo woo! We’re looking to challenge ourselves throughout the complex as much as we can. This week, we’re going to stay at one weight through all 5 sets! For most people, the power clean being the first movement in the complex will be the limiter with the weight. Let’s focus on a heavy but crisp power clean. By crisp, we mean no starfish stance (you all know who you are). On the hang squat clean and front squat, the focus is on the elbows. Let’s fight to keep those elbows up as we drop to the bottom of the squat! 

After you get those cleaning gains, we have a real nice 16 minute “cool down” with a partner! (Hilarious). Let’s jump right into the standards!

The standard for the med ball sit-ups is pressing the ball overhead as we arrive at the top of the sit-up finishing with head through the arms. Getting to squat depth with each rep is going to be the focus on wall balls. What do we say to the God of Quarter Squats? Not today! Singles or small sets on the power cleans is the way to go! Last but not least, the push-ups should not be “snaked”, keep those quads off the floor at the bottom of the rep and make sure that chest touches the ground.

The goal for any team attacking this is about a round and a half to 2 rounds+ so let’s make sure we scale appropriately, check out the options below!



Pull-ups: Jumping Pull-ups, Ring rows

Med Ball Sit-ups: Lighter Wall ball, Bear hug, Bodyweight Sit-ups

Wall Balls: Lower target, Lighter Wall ball, Wall ball thrusters

Med Ball Lunges: Bodyweight Lunges

Push Ups: Elevated Push-ups, Knee Push-ups

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