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6 Ways to Cope with Stress When Traveling Alone

Find out the best ways to cope with stress when traveling alone.

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Nerves & Excitement: How I Know I’m Ready To See Europe

From marriage to international travel...why I'm excited to exit my comfort zone and head to Europe with VoyEdge RX. Box drop-ins, outdoor wod's, hiking and more. This is the Northern Italy + Switzerland trip I've always dreamed of...- Marc Young

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An Intro To Our Marketing Director, Lauren Metcalfe

Nobody likes writing about themselves from an outside I asked Lauren to do an autobiography about her storied CrossFit career, injury list, and how she overcame a plethora of illnesses to win this year's 2016 Crush Games down in Miami, FL. Read more about her here - and why she's our, Marketing Director here at Voyedge RX. 

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Why Travel Is So Important

Most Americans are afraid of travel. But why? Are they afraid to leave their comfort zone? See why my experience of being an expat in the past has led to a wider lens of the world and why I'm making it my mission to bring them to the outskirts of the world through CrossFit + Adventure Travel vacations. 

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Granite Games 2016 - Part Deux (The Good, The Sore, The Ugly)

Last week I dove deep into the topic of preparation and some experiences I had from the Granite Games last year. Naturally, this week I will touch on this year’s Granite Games and some personal thoughts on the good, the sore, and the soon to be ugly. For each section I will highlight one of the workouts that I feel best suits the theme...

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Take A Chance, Empty The Tank.

Well here goes the initial blog post of Tony Beringer. Now what to talk about huh?

My heart says to get a little personal on this one for plenty of reasons but I won’t bore you with too much of that. I will just hop right into it as I do get a bit long winded when writing. This will be a numbered list and my goal is to keep it short, funny, and informative of not only what I want to accomplish as a co-founder of the company VoyEdge RX but also what I hope to accomplish as a person in the near and much distant future. Strap in as this could possibly be a riveting experience.

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