#WorkoutoftheWeek 8.20.2019 - Marcus Filly

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
— Napolean Hill

Welcome back to another #WorkoutoftheWeek post! This week we’ve got a small move steady workout for you to try. It’s from Marcus Filly’s ‘Awakening’ Strength programming and it is something I have been doing for quite some time and am LOVING IT. 

The focus is and has always been to move well, and often. Not burn out everyday, which is what I am now gunning for. This programming has had a huge impact on me, and that’s why I’m sharing another #WorkoutoftheWeek from Marcus here on the blog. 

WOD Recap: The strategy here should be to move efficiently and well. The one thing I like about Marcus’ programming is that he is implementing NEW movements into CrossFit that are actually designed to be more functional than the 30 or so usual suspect movements in CrossFit. Things like Supine Toes to Bar and KB Sumo Jump Squats are DANGEROUSLY tough and thrilling as well.

For Marcus’ it’s not about the 100% everyday intensity, but more of a focus on lifelong movement and being able to make it to the gym each day. That is why most of his workouts are ‘Move Steady’ and have a focus on quality over quantity. I usually try to push it at about 75% - 90% on any given day, but do my best not to redline. Sometimes it still happens, but for this workout, it did not. I FELT GOOD after this, and I really loved the KB sumo jump squats. My quads were feeling it, and I left the gym feeling like I’ve used some muscles I’ve never really touched upon before.

Click the links on the movements themselves if you are unsure what they are.

Strategy & Scaling: For scaling, you should aim to keep the same number of reps and rounds for each movement. Marcus is BIG on scaling down the total number of rounds if you aren’t feeling it so I’ll say the same here. Focus should be on quality, and grab the right size KB for you, instead of burning out because you want to do RX.

Focus should always be to LOOK GOOD & MOVE WELL. See the image down below for inspiration, of course. Take a gander at Filly’s programming here. Functional Body building for all.

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