We are fast approaching the 2019 CrossFit Open Competition. For many CrossFit athletes, this is a really big time of the year. But why? If you are new to your gym or have never considered participating in the open before, read on, and read carefully.

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

The Open is a worldwide competition hosted by CrossFit each year and has for many moons been considered the first stepping stone to qualification for the Reebok CrossFit Games. In other words, if you want to go to the Games, you need to participate in the Open. Over the years, however, the Open has really morphed into something different altogether. The Open is, for many commoners such as you and I, a chance to come together, to measure your growth, and a chance to achieve what you previously thought to be impossible.

The Open is a five-week competition that begins with online registration. From there, athletes will compete in 5 workouts, one released each Thursday, spanning a total of 5 weeks. You and the hundreds of thousands of other participants will load your scores onto a worldwide leaderboard, where you will see your rank among all other competitors. This leaderboard can be split into such subdivisions as age, region, even occupation. A lot of people love to see where they fall among their peer group, and just how fit they are compared to the mean.

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

What I consider even more important is tracking growth through time. Sure, some people love to see how many people they can beat, but the best victory is that which is achieved over your own demons. It is such a thrill each year to hunker down and work hard over the course of five weeks to see how you have improved. Perhaps in 2018, you finished around the 50th percentile of the world. How great a feeling it would be to look at that leaderboard in 2019, and see that you are now in the 39th percentile.

 I had such a moment a few years back, where the growth was truly something I was proud of. In the 2015 Open, I finished in the top 17th percent of all competitors. I worked hard all year, hoped I was getting more fit, and sure enough at the end of the Open in 2016, I was astonished to find myself sitting in the 9th percentile in the world! I blew myself away with how much more fit I had become in that year. It wasn't about who I beat, it was about kicking the shit out of MYSELF. 

The Open is a great opportunity to prove to yourself that you ARE becoming healthier and that all the hard hard work is increasing your quality of life. I mean, that's why we are doing this right? I sure as hell don't get up at 4:45 AM every day for funsies, I get up for my health and my fitness, and my quality of life. If you want a great measuring stick to answer the question, "Is this really working for me?", sign up for the Open and put yourself to the test. 

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