Those who participate in exercise of any kind know how addicting it can be. The feeling you get when you know you are growing more healthy, stronger, and faster is what keeps many people showing up to the gym every day. Progress is individual, and it is important to not overstep on a workout, as that may lead to untimely injury, and loss of progress.

Scaling a workout is the act of changing nuances in a workout to better fit your skill level. When done correctly, scaling will allow you to reap the benefits of any workout, in a safe and successful way.

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The first thing to keep in mind when scaling a workout is to determine what the intended stimulus for the workout actually ids. For example, if a workout is supposed to be a sprinting burner done in under ten minutes, you want to adjust the workout accordingly so you can move at the intended pace, and finishing in the intended time domain. This is the most key element of scaling properly. If you need to lessen weight, or do less repetitions, it will be 100% worth it so long as you are achieving the intended stimulus.

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The other major factor involved in scaling is injury, either in the past or at present moment. If you have a nagging injury that just won't go away, you should consider scaling your workout to avoid the troublesome area. Likewise if you have lost the ability to do certain things or move certain ways, scaling is an easy way to build strength and mobility towards more well rounded health and fitness. 

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Whether it's due to injury, or to maintain stimulus, scaling is an essential part of maintaining a high level of health and fitness. We are not all superstars, but we can still receive outstanding benefits from exercise if we make it work FOR us, rather than against us. 

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