This past weekend was the highly anticipated debut of the new era of The Reebok CrossFit Games. After undergoing major changes, the Games took on new life with national champions, multiple cuts, and a new point system. Anyone who reads my blogs will know how skeptical I was about the whole situation. I have even written a few blogs about how the Games will be gone in the next year.

I take it all back.

Photo via Rogue

Photo via Rogue

This year, The CrossFit Games was must-watch television from start to finish. The move by the Games to allow anyone to use their worldwide stream for random broadcasting actually worked like a charm. The Rogue Iron Game channel was my preferred mode of viewership, and it was perhaps better than the Games streaming has ever been.

The looming danger of cuts throughout the first half of the weekend was cause for endless drama, keeping viewers on the edge of their seat. The cuts then gave way to a 10 person field that offered a much more weighted point system, meaning truly none of the top 10 were out of it until the final workout. I couldn't stop watching. I watched every single second. And I can't wait for next year.

Photo via Yahoo

Photo via Yahoo

Now that this one season has gone by, Castro will move forward with a great understanding of how to test these athletes, where and when to cut these athletes, and the Games of the future will just be spectacular.

I admit it openly, I was wrong. This Games was the most compelling in years. I am so hungry for more. I can't wait for sanctionals! Glassman is a genius, and I am an idiot, the end.

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