CrossFit Mayhem Independence team member Elly Kabboord has been popped for the PED known as clenbuterol. This is MASSIVE news, as Elly has been a long time team member out of Mayhem, Mayhem, of course, being the mecca of all things competitive CrossFit.

Now, I will be fair here. Apparently, the amount was minimal and could have come from contaminated meat. These reports, naturally, coming from the Mayhem crew.

But take a step back and look at this from a skeptics point of view, and we have a juicy juice story for the ages. Elly is a close friend and training partner of Rich Froning. Rich leads his crew every day, which includes the reigning defending fittest man and woman alive, all working out together at Mayhem. A super sleuth looking at this situation would say if Elly is a trusted member of Mayhem, and they all work so closely together, it would be reasonable to expect that they could possibly be involved in some drug scandal. Possibly. Maybe. Imagine?

Obviously, Mayhem has gotten ahead of this, given their support to Elly, and she, in turn, has denied any foul play. I guess we will wait and see how this plays out, but keep it on your radar for sure. A very interesting story indeed...