So you're thinking of dropping into another CrossFit gym, huh? Maybe you are traveling, on vacation, or just exploring what other gyms in the area have to offer. Very exciting! As a man who has dropped into my fair share of gyms all over the country, and the world, let me offer some advice as you embark on this exciting journey of yours.

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1. Arrive Early
A drop in can be a bit of an inconvenience if you are unaware of how your presence changes the coach's day. Make sure to arrive early enough to fill out all necessary waivers and paperwork, far before the coach has begun teaching a class.

2. Introduce Yourself To The Coach (and ideally the Owner) 
This is super important. Especially at larger gyms, or during busier class times, the coach on duty will probably be very busy. Sure, they will want to greet you, meet you, and make you feel welcome, but they need to notice you're there first. Find them, say hi, and help kick start the process.

3. Put Your Bag Where Everyone Else Does
Observe how the gym around you is flowing. Are all the locals going into a locker room with their gym bag, and returning without it? Are there cubbies that are empty? Observe, and act accordingly.

4. Stay Out Of The Way
If there is another class or some kind of something happening in the gym prior to your class, stay out of the way.

5. Listen To The Coach
Every coach's philosophy is different, and every gym has a different way of doing things. Avoid arguing with a coach, or telling them "my coach says to this a different way". Different doesn't mean wrong. For all you know, your coach is a moron and this person is smarter and better. You've dropped into their community, now do things their way for the day.

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1. Don't Be Late
Showing up late can really impede a whole class. We touched on this above, but be considerate, and show up early.

2. Don't Be a Chalk Monster
For whatever reason, people love to use tons of chalk, all the time. This is something that differs greatly from gym to gym. Some owners don't care about chalk, and some owners are super stingy and don't want people wasting it. Be considerate, and don't use too much. And DON'T make a mess.

3. Don't Be An Idiot About Cleaning Up
This is another thing that's very different from gym to gym. Some gyms just let you put stuff away immediately, others have their athletes clean the bars and weights and even pull up bars before leaving. If they clean, you clean. If they DON'T clean, you don't either. Be observant, do what the class does.

4. Don't Take Your Shirt Off
I have made this mistake before, so learn from my mistakes. Some places, especially internationally, don't love the shirtless sweaty men of the CrossFit world. Keep your shirt on, always, and there will be no issues. 

5. Don't Forget Your Manners
Say thank you! They hosted you, welcomed you, and coached you. Thank the coach and the owner if possible. It's the decent thing to do. 

Do you have some more DO’s and DON’Ts? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments.