After what seemed like a very short time, the CrossFit Games season starts anew with the CrossFit World Wide Open! This is the first year of the open being in October, which truly does feel a little off, but I think it will fit quite nicely with the new schedule presented to us form last year.

the crossfit games open 2020

For the next 5 weeks, a workout will be unveiled to us from programmer Dave Castro, that any and all athletes can participate in over that week. Your scores get posted to a worldwide leaderboard, to determine where you stack up against the competition. This year, the leaderboard will be used to invite folks straight to the Games via national champions and top 20 on the overall leaderboard. The open will also be used as a qualifier for many Sanctional events set to occur over the next 9 months until we reach the CrossFit Games.

crossfit games open 2020

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that Rogue Iron Game will be broadcasting weekly open announcements head to head battles. For those unfamiliar, Rogue Iron Game was the broadcast team that brought you the best coverage of the CrossFit Games, comprised largely of the CrossFit Inc broadcast crew that was let go last year. This team did an extraordinary job broadcasting the Games, and I am sure they will do just as amazing a job producing these smaller scale reveals. Last year this was lacking mightily, as many different groups tried to announce the Open workouts, with unsurprisingly sloppy results.

Photo: Rogue

Photo: Rogue

I for one don't participate in the Open, but I plan on tuning in to see the Iron Game broadcast. The 2020 Games season is upon us, so get geared up and good luck to those competing!!