I won't lie, this news made me chuckle. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I did. It was announced recently that two new suspensions have been passed down for PED usage in CrossFit competition, this time to two male competitors. The main culprit in this story? Ricky Garard's older brother, Ben Garard.

CF_Ben Garard.jpg

All of you will remember the very public event that was the suspension of Ricky Garard back in 2017. Garard finished on the podium in the 2017 CrossFit Games, before being later revoked and banned for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. His brother Ben, a  former Games athlete and current competitor, was Ricky's coach at the time. Now, Ben is facing suspension for his own PED use. What a classy family. Oh, and the best part?

They were banned for the same substance.

How dumb can you get Garard?! Your brother gets pooped for steroids, and rather than learn to from it just say well golly gee wilikers, hopefully, they stop testing for this stuff! I'm sorry, but what a dumbass. Also, I'm not sorry. Enjoy your 4 years in exile, ya big dufis.

The other, less well-known name here is Manilla Pennacchio. Ironically, he was popped for the same substance as the Garard bros.