Holy smokes guys. On June 1st CrossFit released their 2019-2020 Games calendar, including the schedule for Sanctional events being held in 21 countries across the globe. 

Wait, what? 21 countries? But how is CrossFit fitting their 16 sanctioned events into 21 countries? They're big fat liars, that's how! (I mean this with love, HQ, all love).

CrossFit Strength and Depth - CrossFit Sanctioned event.jpg

Rather than sticking to the original reports of 16 sanctioned events, CrossFit has announced, wait for it.....28 sanctioned events for the 19-20 Games season, NOT including the Open and the Games.


Pending the release of the Rogue Invitational dates in May, the calendar shows 18 straight weekends of Sanctional coverage, 18 events in 18 weeks! Is that a CrossFit season or WHAT?! Super legit, similar to the NFL season!

Now, in an effort to pump the breaks here, we still don't have a ton of details for the next season in terms of qualification, both for Sanctionals as well as the Games. This hinges on the release of next years official rule book, which won't be released for some time. This is a going to play a huge factor, so stay tuned for news on that. Overall though, a lot to be excited about here. 

crossfit italian showdown.jpg

Sanctional coverage has largely been great and is only getting better. These 28 events should be a super fun thing for fans of the sport to watch, support their beloved athletes, and enjoy their favorite sport. My only hope is that the Games, this year and beyond, are covered in some way. I have my doubts, as has been documented, but this would act as a way of giving viewership a purpose, and a grounding reason to pay attention to all these events. C'mon CrossFit, don't let us down!!