Our Top Spots in Boston


By: Ashley Mentley of TravelEatWOD

We recently filmed an episode of TravelEatWOD in Boston, Massachusetts and it was the first time visiting the city for both Jason and me. What we found was an incredibly walkable city that manages to be historic, but still feel fresh at the same time. It has a great bar scene, and sights and activities for every one whether you’re into American history or not. Here are some of our favourite spots from our trip to Boston:


Invictus Boston

We dropped into Invictus for a WOD while we were there. Originally established on the west coast, they now have three east coast locations to choose from, all in Boston: Fenway, South End and Back Bay. We chose Back Bay because it was closest to us and it’s got a cool underground location in what’s clearly a historic building with exposed brick and the like. The class was jam packed on a Saturday morning, but they made room for everyone. There was  another couple dropping in and we were all introduced to the class before we started. It was shortly before Memorial Day when we visited, so the partner WOD was prep for Murph. We couldn’t finish our 10 rounds within the 35 minute time cap, but there were some teams who finished with time to spare - there are definitely some talented athletes at that box, no wonder they’ve sent teams to the Games two years in a row.


Roast Beast

Our very first stop when we drove into the city was for a roast beef sandwich. Apparently this is a thing in Boston and we were told ahead of time to make sure we had one. The underground, hole-in-the-wall style restaurant may not be what’s considered the “original home” of the roast beef sandwich (that might be Kelly’s, depending on who you ask) but that didn’t make it any less delicious. We ordered a sandwich with spicy pickles and mayo - a perfect combination.

Mei Mei

Have you ever had a scallion pancake? If the answer is no, you need to change that, stat. It’s a pan fried Chinese flatbread, similar to an Indian paratha, that Mei Mei ingeniously uses as bread for their famous “double awesome” sandwich. The sandwich is simple - cheese, pesto, and two runny fried eggs, but man is it tasty.


Trillium Brewery

Trillium is rated as one of the top craft breweries in America. In just five years they’ve risen to the top of the charts and it’s no wonder why - they make some good beer. But if you’re not in the Boston area, it’s tough to find it. You might be able to get it on tap at some places, but as far as buying cans and bottles you basically have to be at the brewery itself. So while you’re in town, it’s certainly worth the stop. I’m not a huge beer drinker - that’s much more Jason’s forte - but I had two amazing wine inspired beers that if I could buy back home, I 100% would. Plus, they have a huge patio in the Seaport District that is perfect for summer afternoons.

Bow Market

This is more than just one single bar. Bow Market is a courtyard surrounded by more than 30 vendors ranging from retail shops to comedy venues, bars, restaurants and more. We visited specifically to go to Rebel Rebel, a wine bar that was recommended to us as a great place to get natural wine - something we seek out when we travel - but the whole market is one that you should explore. It’s only been open one year and it’s already popping up on all the online travel lists.


Overall, Boston was great. We did a historical tour, ate traditional Boston cream pie, and saw people standing in a 2 hour long line for lobster rolls (no thanks). I’ve been quick to recommend it to people, regardless of who they are. I know my beer-loving friends will have a great time, I know my parents would love all the history, and I know people with families would enjoy the museums, aquariums and more. So if you haven’t been, add Boston to your destination list. If you have been - maybe it’s time to go back?

You can watch the full vlog on our YouTube channel here, where we visit all these places and much more. While you’re there, hang out awhile, watch some of our other videos, and subscribe to our channel so we can keep making more just like it.

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