A few weeks ago CrossFit HQ unveiled their new and improved website. This website would be jarring to some, but understanding Greg Glassman's stance on all things fitness, it should not come as a surprise.

As you may recall, the old CrossFit site was dominated by video content, games pages and related content, and deep archives of the wide range of content known as the CrossFit Journal. Meanwhile, Glassman has been super vocal that he did not like the direction CrossFit was headed, and he wanted to right the ship. Once again, Glassman literally put his money where his mouth is, embracing this idea in the brand new 

Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc

This new site actually screams old school to me. As a guy who would pour over the old site content and use their programming, this site seems like a nicely updated version of that. In fact, everything on here now is a tool for fitness and health. The guys and gals at HQ are clearly giving us every tool we need to help spread the message of fitness and wellness. 

On this new site, there is everything form a daily workout to scholarly articles about anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and nutrition. There are also tabs to learn about CrossFit Inc.'s legal battles, and provides information as to why they are engaged in these lawsuits. To be fair, there is still a "sports" tab where you can sign up for the Open, but there is next to nothing on the site about the Games, the Games season, or any mention of the big-time CrossFit athletes. 

I like this site, I really do. As I said it is nostalgic, and it gives an unbelievable amount of great information. I just hope we don't lose all sense of CrossFit Games fan-hood in the process. Whether they like it or not, there is now a large portion of people who enjoy CrossFit as a spectator sport, and we all hope it continues in that platform. I'm all for the message of health and fitness, but I also want the Games man. There's room for both Greg, there is!

What do you think of this new website?