#WorkoutoftheWeek 1.21.2019

When you learn to harness the power of your fears, it can take you places beyond your wildest dreams.
— Jimmy Lovine
Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Welcome back to our Workout of the Week posts! Where we are constantly writing down fun workouts from our boxes, various community boxes, and sharing your own personal workouts from your affiliates.

This week we’ve got a really fun gymnastic workout with a little of everything from Front Range CrossFit in Denver, CO. I dropped into this box last week after a recommendation from our friends at CrossFit Forte in Nashville, and I made a few new friends at FRCF here in Denver….one of the OG boxes before CrossFit really took off.

Fun fact: FRCF hosted regionals back in the 2008 CrossFit games season and has a pull-up/squat rig set-up that was commissioned before Rogue was even a company…..pretty awesome.

Anyway, submit your #WorkoutoftheWeek’s to us via email at: staff@voyedgerx.com. The purpose of these blog posts are to give you ideas for future workouts, and to also show what other boxes are programming at their gyms. It’s all fun and games, with scales and to showcase the dynamic variety of CrossFit itself. They don’t always have to be super long and intensive, variety is key, so send us your workouts and comment on the other posts as we love to showcase different workouts from the VRX community.

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Front Range CrossFit in Denver, CO

Front Range CrossFit in Denver, CO


5 Rounds for Time:

5 Shoulder to Overhead (185/125)

5 Bar Muscle Ups

400/320M Row

(16 Min Max)

RECAP: Woof….this workout was awesome. Combining a seriously heavy barbell load with some gymnastic movements and then a just long enough cardio workout with nearly no rest or recovery was overwhelmingly fun. I caught myself gasping for air a few times and gradually moving slower than I wanted to with the barbell (had to pause after the row before picking up that barbell) and it was humbling.

The bar muscle-up is a tough movement after hitting 5 STOH’s and it was more difficult than I thought to keep linking 5 bar mups together round after round. I’d suggest taking a deep breathe before jumping onto the rig and push through all five of those bar mups. It is going to be easier if you just do all five rather than breaking them up. Lastly, use the row as the recovery effort here. Try to keep it at about a 1:50 per 500m pace (or around 2 min per 500m pace) but focus on your breathing and use your legs on the row to give your arms a nice little break.

All in all, great workout from FRCF and a BIG shoutout to all our newfound friends there.

For the shoulder to overhead scale the weight down to 135/95 or 95/65. Pick something that you can do unbroken but is still challenging. The weight should be between 60-70% of your 1RM.

Instead of bar muscle ups, perform 5 burpee pull ups. If you are not able to do pull ups, do 10 renegade rows with challenging weights.

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Front Range CrossFit

Address: 1338 South Valentia St #182, Denver, Colorado 80247

Contact: Skip@FrontRangeCrossFit.com

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