A few days ago, CrossFit Inc shut down almost all of their social media accounts, most notably their Facebook and Instagram pages. As was teased the other day, CrossFit did, in fact, make a statement about why their social media accounts were eliminated, and to be honest, it's a bit concerning.

Greg Glassman and CrossFit Inc came out with a lengthy statement, which can be found here:  

Photo via CrossFit Inc

Photo via CrossFit Inc

If you would like to read the whole article feel free, but I will provide the spark notes version. Essentially, Glassman is standing up against Facebook because of methods that they disagree with regarding data collection and analysis, censorship, and claiming among other things that Facebook is in bed with the major food and beverage companies that CrossFit is at odds with. CrossFit claims some of their groups were temporarily shut down without warning, and although they were reactivated shortly thereafter, this is reported to have been the final straw. Glassman has opted to cut ties with everything Facebook has their hands in, permanently. 

This may be true, and it may not be true. But like...okay. When is enough, enough? I am 100% behind Glassman fighting against the big food brands and battling to prove that sugar is a drug and all that jazz. I think it's super important for the health of future generations, and it falls in line with what CrossFit stands for primarily, that being health and fitness. But now CrossFit feels the need to take on the giant that is Facebook?

Whyyyyyyy? I mean, I know why, they list why, but why actually? what good will this do for the CrossFit community, other than limiting the outlets that we have to acquire information form CrossFit Inc, and further stripping down CrossFit Games media coverage? I just can't help but think this is all a bit silly. I have been losing faith bit by bit in CrossFit, or at least have questioned some of their moves as of late. This seems unnecessary, and unhelpful to us as members of the CrossFit Community. I wish we could rewind time just a bit, and maybe not go 0-100 extreme over the last calendar year. Things are changing fast, and I, for one, don't like it. 

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