Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle.
— Unknown

CrossFit has recently announced yet ANOTHER string of sanctioned events, meant to feed into the 2019 CrossFit Games. These events are: 

The Australia CrossFit Championship- Queensland, Australia

Asia CrossFit Championship: China (listed only as Mainland of China)

Reyjkavik CrossFit Championship: Reykjavik, Iceland

Down Under CrossFit Championship: Wollongong, Australia

*Pandaland CrossFit Challenge: Sichuan Province, China 

Pandaland is not going to be feeding athletes to the Games until 2020.

So obviously this is some big news for the CrossFit community, because CrossFit keeps pumping out sanctioned events as promised. They also were clearly not kidding about embracing CrossFit as a global affair, with these locations all over the map. Ole Greg definitely has a good thing going, he's enticing the worlds best athletes to go to these far reaching places and spread the message of fitness, galvanizing the community and getting global excitement about his product. Genius move by a genius. Nuff said there. I can't wait for these competitions to kick off, because the stakes have never been higher. Should be super exciting, fun to watch, and a great way to display the sport of fitness to the world.

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