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So we know the big titans of apparel in the CrossFit game are Reebok, Nike, Rogue, and No Bull. Welp, No Bull is making a push in the game and I absolutely love it.

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No Bull announced this weekend that they are opening their first retail location.They started off as a Boston based company, but their new store, a one of a kind for now, is opening in NYC.

This is MASSIVE  for them!

For those unfamiliar, No Bull is the youngest of the before mentioned retailers to break into the CrossFit clothing scene. However, they are one of my personal favorites. Their slogan, "No Bull, Just the Horns" is super badass in and of itself, and their products are all super high quality.

If that weren't enough, Ben Bergeron is a key cog in their company machine, and anyone who knows anything about Ben Bergeron knows he only does things one way and thats 100% effort. If he and his company are responsible for a store opening, that store is gonna be super badass.

I am sure it will be successful, and hopefully it will lead to other retail locations as well! Then it will only be a few years until they are a really really big company, with retail stores everywhere! After that, give it 3 more years before they open their first outlet store.

A few years for their outlets to grow, I judge that there will finally be a No Bull outlet store in the outlet mall behind my apartment in 10 years max. Can't WAIT!

And I mean, #ItMakesEnce, doesn’t it?

Head to NoBull’s online store here

Have a thought about No Bull?

Comment below and let us know what you think of ‘em. Or go to 105 South Street in Boston, MA and visit ‘em in person!

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