This is going to be real short and to the point, just an interesting tidbit for you today. Just recently, the long time thriving weight loss campaign "Weight Watchers" has officially rebranded. They have officially changed over to being called "Wellness that Works" or WW for short. 

The CEO has made statements recently about trying to make a stance on wellness, and that living a life dedicated to wellness is more than just simply eating a certain way.

WW Oprah

I have mixed emotions here guys. First and foremost, I hope it's true that they are changing their stance. Wellness is the goal, nutrition is the base layer to that but exercise is important as well, very important.  At the same time, Weight Watchers has helped a lot of people lose a lot of weight, which is FANTASTIC.

Their crippling issue though is that a lot of their people have not been able to maintain and sustain that healthy lifestyle over the long haul. I personally know several people who lost a ton of weight on their program, and as soon as they moved away from counting their points, they lost all they had worked for, gaining wright back at a swift rate.

It's my great hope that this rebrand will include new things like the importance of fitness and maintaining a lifestyle. Like them or not, Weight Watchers had a vastly positive impact on people's lives.

Let's hope that WW can do the same, and even better!

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