Marc is currently the Business Development Manager of VoyEdge RX, spending extensive time with public outreach and sales. He also works with other VRX team members to create our weekly video series, “Wisdom of the Week”, designed to drop weekly health and fitness advice for athletes of all levels.

He currently resides in Park City, UT and has an extensive background in teaching movement. Having studied movement science at Keene State College, Marc works as a Physical Education teacher in nearby Salt Lake City. Marc is a member of CrossFit Park City, where he loves to feel the burn of a killer workout, ideally with a light barbell and a lot of pull-ups. When he is not in the gym, you will find him in the mountains, either on a mountain bike, or a slick pair of skis.

Marc is a citizen of both the USA and Colombia, and has been to several different international locations, primarily in North and South America. He is beyond excited to hop the Atlantic and see what the eastern world has to offer.

Above all else, Marc is an upbeat and outgoing guy with a positive outlook on the world around him. When asked how he is doing or how his day is going, you will most often hear the response “I’m living the dream!” You’ll find Marc and all his positive vibes traveling the world and cranking through workouts right along side you on many VoyEdge RX trips.

Fun Facts

Favorite Travel Destination: The next place I haven’t been to yet

Favorite Type of WOD: Anything without a barbell

Favorite Food: Steak and Caesar Salad

Home Box: CrossFit Park City