Cover photo: Courtesy of    Pete Williamson    and the CrossFit French Throwdown

Cover photo: Courtesy of Pete Williamson and the CrossFit French Throwdown

Welp, more news has spilled out today about the upcoming CrossFit Games season. If you are unfamiliar with the big ripples that have shifted the landscape of competitive CrossFit, read my blogs about it from the past week or two.  Moving forward, I am going to assume ya'll know what I am talking about.

Photo: @TheCrossFitGames/@davre

Photo: @TheCrossFitGames/@davre

SO that being said, HQ announced recently that a whopping FIVE more events have been added to the season. In no particular order, CrossFit has announced that the CrossFit French Throwdown, the CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town, the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge, and Brazil CrossFit Championship have been added to CrossFit's lineup of sanctioned events for the upcoming games season.

These five events join the Granite Games and the Dubai Fitness Championship as the 7 announced sanctioned events of a promised 16 destined to hand out games spots to competitors for the 2019 CrossFit Games. On top of this, HQ has announced another handful of locations where other events are most likely going to be taking place, but are not official yet.

Even taking a look at what has been made official so far, it’s quite exciting stuff! CrossFit is going global in a big way, with 5 continents already represented among these events. Some have announced online qualifiers which we will be sure to keep an eye out for, and the others will have some means of making sure the top athletes are given a fair stab at the games.

Hearing about all these throw downs makes me positively giddy! The first online qualifier is starting soon, at the beginning of October, and we will be officially off on a grand adventure through uncharted waters. I hope all of these events have tons of streaming options, ideally free, so we can all nerd out and watch the best in the world throw down to secure a spot at glory.

Let’s take a moment and recap the French Throwdown from 2017 here.

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