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Photo from @  thewodapalooza

Photo from @thewodapalooza

Another breaking news bulletin from the world of CrossFit (don't you love these?!).

The top 20 men and women qualifiers for this years Wodapalooza event have been announced, as their online qualifier ended last week. Below, find the list of athletes who have qualified for the event. Anyone marked with a star has been a former games athlete.

When I first looked at this list I was shocked and bummed, because they are largely nobodies. Good job to them, proud of them, pat on the back and yada yada yada, but where were the big guns??

Have no fear, the best are here. Wodapalooza has extended invites to the top 20 (yes TWENTY) men and women finishers from the Games last year, as well as all former Wodapalooza champs. So chances are, your favorite athletes will be throwing down in Miami for a chance at the Games bid this year. It is going to be SO FUN to watch! Athletes who have declined their invitation have not yet been announced. 

It is also important to announce that Wodapalooza did not offer a team online qualifier. Instead, they are doing an application process which I think is absolutely WILD. The process includes listing individual accolades, essentially stating your case for why your team should be allowed to fight for a games spot. Very interesting, highly controversial, slightly dramatic, IT IS EVERYTHING WE WANT IN A REVAMPED GAMES SEASON. 
Bring it on.


  1. Dani Speegle

  2. Kristine Best

  3. Hayley Murillo

  4. Gabriela Migala

  5. KT Trombetta

  6. Taylor Streid

  7. Taylor Knisely

  8. Chantelle Loehner

  9. Emma Ferreira

  10. Colleen Fotsch

  11. Samantha Pugh

  12. Kelsey Kiel*

  13. Leah Irons

  14. Lindsey Valenzuela*

  15. Anna Rode

  16. Amanda Hardeman

  17. Chelsea Nicholas

  18. Keston Mendoza

  19. Elizabeth Bradley

  20. Winter Nicolette Rodriguez


  1. Norman Woodring

  2. Samuel Cournoyer

  3. Nik Hecht

  4. Drew Wayman

  5. Paul Castillo*

  6. Ryan Reeves

  7. Mitch Barnard

  8. Trevor James

  9. Josh Gervais

  10. Justin Medeiros

  11. George Sanchez

  12. Dylan Martin

  13. Nick Bloch

  14. Jeffrey Adler

  15. Logan Southard

  16. Josh Woodhull

  17. Austin Spencer

  18. Hunter Wood

  19. Jake Frye

  20. Tyler Eggiman

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