Workout of the Week 6.17.2019 - CrossFit Villa Albani

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Photo via CrossFit Villa Albani

Photo via CrossFit Villa Albani

Welcome back to another edition of our #WorkoutoftheWeek posts! This week we’ll be recapping a workout we did at CrossFit Villa Albani while on our Rome & Amalfi Coast trip this past May 2019. We had nearly 24 people on that tour and had a BLAST traveling through Rome & the Amalfi Coast and hitting some seriously TOUGH workouts along the way.

One of those seriously tough workouts was a partner workout that really tested the confines of the box at Villa CrossFit Albani and was perfectly designed to keep you and your partner moving through the entire class. As it is, let’s get to it, but again, a big shoutout to Villa Albani for hosting us for several days in Rome!

Here’s the workout:

Partner Workout

WOD Credit: CrossFit Villa Albani

30 Double Unders
1 Round of DT (#135/105) ( DT = 12 deadlifts, 9 hang cleans, 6 push press)
Partner 1 works while the other holds a wall sit
5 burpees for every break

2-minute rest

(You Go/I Go)
12 Kettlebell Swings (#53/35)
6 Bar Muscle Ups
12 Double Kettlebell Lunges
2 Rope Climbs
1 partner completes the entire sequence while the other rests. 


Well, what can I say about this workout that you’re not already thinking? Dang. This was a BRUTAL complex, especially the first part with the wall sit. I did not expect to lose my legs so fast on that portion, but was pleasantly surprised at how many burpees I had to do after being forced to break. The first 14-minute complex didn’t allow for much rest time, and what rest time you did take was at the expense of your partner, so of course you’re motivated to finish it as fast as possible. Needless to say that one round of DT at 135 lbs. wasn’t easy, nor were the 30 double unders after that.

The two-minute rest in-between the workouts went by fast, giving just enough time to get your KB’s out and head to the rope climb area (which was, of course, drenched in sweat from the first set of partners) and before you knew it, you were back at it with KB swings, bar muscle-ups, kb lunges and more rope climbs. Woof. This was my favorite of the two complexes, but by the end of the 30 minutes, I was pretty tuckered out., and sweating a lot…..

Awesome WOD for experienced athletes and definitely something to try out if you’re looking for a good weekend WOD to do with a partner. Turns out those Italians know how to program a thing or two….

Photo via CrossFit Inc

Photo via CrossFit Inc


Scale Downs:
Take down the DT weight if needed, but keep it challenging
Instead of bar muscle-ups, you can do 8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups or 10 Pull-Ups.
For rope climbs, do 4 laydown get ups

P.S. I found this little bonus video of CF Villa Albani here on YouTube. Definitely worth a watch.

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