Workout of the Week - 10.7.2019 - Day 37 via Revival Strength

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Awaken Training Series by Marcus Filly

Awaken Training Series by Marcus Filly

Welcome back to our Workout of the Week series. Where members of our team are sharing various workouts we’re doing at our home gyms, in our boxes, and on our trips at Voyedge RX. This week, I’ve got a part 1 series for you from Marcus Filly’s ATS program. I’ve been doing a lot of his stuff for over six months now and feel MUCH better now that I’m not red-lining at my box every day. I find it to be much more sustainable and cannot recommend it enough.

Anyway, back to the Workout of the Week post. In these ATS programs, the metcon is the last thing you do, on top of gymnastics work, multiple strength and muscle isolation sessions. It’s a lot of strict and tempo work, too, so if you’re into that - you’ll like it! Not to mention the programmed rest is killer.

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Workout of the Week 10.7.2019

WOD Credit: Revival Strength - Day 37

3 Rounds at 85% Sustained Effort

  • 6/4 Chest-to-bar kipping pull-ups

  • 8-6 Kipping Pull-ups

  • Row 18/15 calories

rest 60 seconds

  • 8/6 Strict Ring Dips

  • 16/12 Ring Push-ups on a 20-inch box

  • Assault Bike 18/15 calories

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Overview: This was a really good workout and will set you up for something similar in next week’s Workout of the Week post. Tackle this one at 85% sustained effort and give it what you got. You’ll be feeling a nice pump at the end of it, and you have some planned rest in-between here, so test out a pace that works for you. You’ll be feeling it in your shoulders and chest for sure.

Recap: For me, this workout was a ton of fun, I like CTB and kipping pull-ups and mixing those movements in with cardio is always a good time for me. The 85% sustained effort was nice and challenging, too - but don’t forget to focus on the QUALITY of your movements instead of the quantity of them. The only person you are racing against is you, so keep yourself accountable. Make sure you are resting exactly 60 seconds before jumping into the ring dip and ring push up portions of the workout. By the time you hit the assault bike, you should be ready to sprint it, knowing you’ll have a full two-minutes of rest. Rinse and repeat for three rounds and you’ll find yourself having a good time with one hell of a pump for the workout!

Strategy: You’ve got two triplets bisected by 60 seconds that will allow you to get quite the pump on. Get ready to work those biceps and triceps in the middle of some cardio mixed in. Try to go unbroken on all the movements, if possible, and spring the assault bike and row portions. You have a planned rest in-between.

Scaling: If you need to, use a band for the chest-to-bar and do ring rows, but keep the reps the same, for the kipping portion. You can use whatever band you decide you need to use. Either way, you’ll be totally fine and will be able to recover on both the row and assault bike portions. For the ring dips and push-ups, try to go unbroken here, but obviously, do not use a box if you’re not able to do elevated push-ups, and use the band on the ring dips, too.

Either way, this is an AWESOME workout and great way to get a pump on. Stay tuned for next week’s follow-up for another workout similar to this one, and we’ll be back when we can! Follow @MarcusFilly here on IG and follow Revival Strength here. I can guarantee you’ll see results and will have a lot more left in the tank when you do.

See you out there! Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of this workout.

~ Cam //


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