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Welcome back to our Workout of the Week posts! Where we are sharing tips, tricks, WOD’s, and more from some of our recent drop-ins, or daily workouts at our home gyms. All curated from our community and staff members here at VoyEdge RX.

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Let’s get to the workout, though. I recently tackled this one from @CrossFitLinchpin at my home box here in Denver, Colorado. Always save these workouts for a rainy day….you never know when you’ll want something to pull from.

Workout of the Week 9.30.2019

WOD Credit: CrossFit Linchpin

3 Rounds For Time:

30 Wallballs (20/14)

20/15 Calories on Assault Bike

10 Deadlifts, 65% of 1RM

Score: Time

Recap: I loved this workout because it was a nice grind for three rounds. Not too long, not too short, and I was able to go at about 95% throughout this whole workout. You just have to commit to going unbroken on everything and push through the pain. The transition from the assault bike into the deadlifts (I did mine at 315) were tough….and I definitely took a couple of big breaths before going into it, and so should you.

Either way, perfect workout for a rainy day, or if you’re looking for a good workout to crush those legs. Gains, baby.

Strategy: Try to go unbroken on the wall balls and find your pace. It shouldn’t be too hard to go for 30 wall balls unbroken and hit the assault bike as fast as you can. Scream into the first 10 calories or so as fast as you can, and then cruise and catch your breath on the back end of them….going into the DL’s, take your time, get a couple of breaths, and go unbroken on them before walking back to your wall balls. Find a weight that you can do 10 unbroken of and go that route!

Rinse and repeat here.

Scaling: For scaling here, you have a couple of options.

  • Limit the Wallball shots to 20, or even 10. If you’d like, you can keep the reps at 30 and just use a lighter wallball, if you need it!

  • The Assault Bike…..limit the calories to 15 or 10, if you want to scale. Otherwise, keep it the same

  • The deadlifts! You don’t have to do 65% if you are not feeling it. Find a weight that works for you and go with it. Scale to five reps, if you must

All in all, add this workout to your rainy day WOD list and tackle it when you can! Find @CrossFitLinchpin here on IG, too.

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