#WorkoutoftheWeek 7.1.2019

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Welcome to July! But more importantly, welcome back to our #WorkoutoftheWeek posts. This week we are recapping a rather awesome workout we did at Villa CrossFit Albani in Rome during our Rome & Amalfi Coast 2019 tour!

We went to a park for this workout and got to do a whole lotta fitness so let’s jump right into recapping the WOD(s), but first….take a look at this park!

rome italy voyedgerx

For this workout, we ran about 800 meters (with a wall ball) to the park as a warm-up, and then did a lot of bodyweight movements that really put us to the test. There was only about 12 of us after a long day of seeing the Coliseum and the Vatican, but let me give a BIG shoutout to everyone who made it back to the box for a workout after an already long, tough day in the Rome heat.

Here are the workouts:

Partner Workouts

Part 1

12 Minutes on the Clock:
Partner 1 runs 250 M while the other does as many wall balls as possible (on a tree)
P1 returns, high fives, and P2 goes for the run while P1 does "tree balls"


Part 2

10 Minutes on the Clock:
Partner 1 does "box jumps" on a bench while partner 2 holds a side plank.
Switch with your partner every 30 seconds


Part 3

Relay Race
All teams start with:
1 Push Up
1 Air Squat
1 Burpee Broad Jump

Continue with 2 push ups, 2 air squats, 1 burpee broad jump, 3 push ups, 3 air squats, 1 burpee broad jump. Continue to increase the push-ups and air squats until the finish line (200 Meters). There is always only 1 burpee broad jump. Split the reps however you want.

rome italy voyedgerx

Recap: All three of these workouts really kicked out butts. As you know, with most bodyweight movements, if you do enough reps of them, they will wear you out. The best part of these three workouts was that they grew increasingly tough throughout the class. The first workout of running and wall balls was tiring, to say the least, but the second workout capitalized on your shaky legs to test you on the ‘box jumps’ and the plank position.

The third workout was the hardest as the coach set up 200 meters away and we had to do supersets of broad jumps after starting with squats, push-ups and then a jump towards the coach. I think my team ended up getting into 19 squats and 19 push-ups before we made it all 200 meters, but that, as a cash out, was entirely exhausting.

Shoutout to the Rome & Amalfi Coast Crew 2019 who made it out for this workout, and again, BIG shoutout to CrossFit Villa Albani for hosting us and bringing us to this park to workout! Also, did you know CFVA was the first ever CrossFit box in Rome? Pretty awesome….

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