Written By VRX Alum Al Sanzari

This week’s #WorkoutOfTheWeek comes from our recent Prague to Munich trip. We dropped into the brand spankin new CrossFit Meat Factory in Prague ready to work hard!

This workout has 2 parts so grab some workout buddies and get ready to sweat.

“We’re not THAT hungover”

In Teams of 3:
100 Cal Row
80 DB Synchro Squats/Snatches 
60 HSPU 
40 TTB 
20 Synchro burpees
*18-minute cap*

(Split the reps among team however you want, one person works while the other 2 rest, except for synchro movements)

Who doesn’t love a good ole’ team chipper workout!? A little bit of everything sprinkled in, so let’s get into it! We start with a 100 cal row that can be split among the team however you’d like.

Now going into Synchro DB Snatches unless there is an overhead issue in which case we do Synchro DB Squats instead. Make sure you alternate every rep for the snatches and consider switching shoulders every time you break on the DB Squats.

If your snatch technique needs work, let’s scale it to hang snatches to focus on that clean hinge and flat back. The standard for DB Squats is hip crease below parallel to ensure that we are in that squat position before coming back up.


The standard for HSPUs has changed multiple times in the last few years but we’ll keep it simple; make sure your head comes through the arms at the top of the HSPU. If HSPUs are generally challenging, scale it down to pike HSPUs. Place feet on a box that is a challenging height (the taller, the harder) which we hold the same standard; head through at the top of the rep.

If scaling to hanging knee raises, let’s focus on keeping the same push and pull motion we do with TTB. We’re not trying to hang like a dead fish on the bar, let’s utilize those lats!

Synchro Burpees, since it’s the last movement and we have 20 reps, this is where you empty the tank on whatever’s left! Check out the notes for the synchro standards on all the movements and get ready to attack the workout!



HSPU: Pike HSPU on a box, Pike HSPUs on the floor, Z Press, Box Push Up
TTB: Hanging Knee Raises, V-Ups, Tuck Ups
Snatches: Hang DB Snatches, Cleans, Hang Cleans
Squats: Air Squats, Lunges, Box Step Ups


For the DB Squats, all team members must be synchro at the bottom of the squat. Hold the dumbbell however you want. 
For DB snatches, synchro is at the top of the snatch. 
For Burpees, synchro is when all team members' chest is on the ground.

"Okay...Maybe One More"

6 Minutes On The Clock:

Max reps of Ground to Overhead

*Pick ONE weight for the whole team. Switch whenever you want.*


Make sure whatever weight you pick is a weight that all team members can do as opposed to only 1 person being able to do that weight. The good news is that each team member can pick their own movement, if the weight is light for 1 of the team members, they can snatch, if it’s heavy for another person, they can clean and jerk.

The goal is to push the limits on the reps for each person so as soon as you get tired, drop the bar and let the next team member go, don’t try to hog the bar for too long. We’re trying to maximize the number of reps we get in 6 minutes as a team, let’s get after it!

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