#WorkoutoftheWeek 7.22.2019 - Revival Strength

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Welcome back to our #WorkoutoftheWeek posts, where each and every week we detail a recent workout we did at home in our box, on the road during a trip, or a workout submitted from one of our community members and from their gym.

This week I’ll be diving into a recent workout I finished from Marcus Filly (6x CrossFit Games athlete), and his ‘Awakening’ series that focuses on functional body building. It’s some great stuff, and you should check out his Revival Strength website here. But first, let’s dive into the workout.

Marcus Filly - Revival Strength Programming

Marcus Filly - Revival Strength Programming

Quick note: Marcus Filly focuses on strict strength, negatives, a lot of KB workouts, and other tempo movements that really focus on building muscle without red lining everyday. His methodology is geared towards developing a lifetime of fitness and not burning both ends of the candle everyday. I would HIGHLY suggest checking out some of his programming, even though not everyday includes the barbell and not everyday includes a metcon.

When they do, though - there is most often a rest period built-in so you can give it your all and focus on developing strength throughout the 60 days of programming. Each day takes about 1.5 - 2 hours to complete. But, you can see most of his workouts, movements, and more from his IG pages here.

#WorkoutoftheWeek - ATS 1.1 Benchmark

  • Row 100/80 Cals

  • 100 Wall Balls 20lbs/14lbs to 10/9' target

  • 50 GHD Sit Ups

  • 100/80 Cal Assault Bike

Score is time finished:

Recap: This workout was on Day 56 of 60 from Marcus’ above programming, so don’t think that every single day of his programs are like this (they are not). So, when I rolled into this section of the day, I was pleasantly surprised, since Marcus does not schedule a lot of classic CrossFit type workouts. When he does, there is usually some built-in rest included, but no, not today.

To say the least, this workout smoked me. Being a tall guy, and doing lots of barbell work on this day, I wasn’t quite ready for my lungs to be kicked in by a 100 calorie row, 100 wall balls, 50 GHD sit-ups and another 100 calories on the bike. I think I finished this workout in under 25-minutes, but I certainly was not as fast as I wanted to be, nor could I do as big of sets as I wanted to. Without being able to split this up (in say, about 5 sets) you MUST complete the 100 cals before moving on to the next movement.

Strategy: Think smaller sets at first. If you come out big on this workout, you may run into a brick wall. Even though I felt like all of this was up my alley, I still had trouble keeping up with the bigger sets I had planned. For the wall balls, I came out with 50, then 25 and 25, and the GHD’s I did in sets of ten. The row and assault bike will be a suck fest, but try and sprint for 10 calories and then cruise for another ten.

All in all, put your nose down and WORK!

Scaling: Scaling options here can be to reduce the rep scheme by 3/4 or 1/2, or to reduce the wall ball weight, do ab-mat sit-ups instead. TRY and keep the reps the same, but lower the weight, or do 75/75/25/75 all the way through, or at the very least, 50/50/25/50.

Either way, solid workout, absolutely loved this one (even though it sucked) and if you’re open to new programming, take a listen to this Marcus Filly podcast with Brute Strength and learn a thing or two about WHY Marcus feels that functional body building is the key to a lifetime of being able to move well.

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