#WorkoutoftheWeek 8.27.2019 - Revival Strength

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BOOM! Welcome back to another edition of our #WorkoutoftheWeek posts. I’ve got a good one for you guys this week, stemming from more of my Revival Strength programming, which you can read more about here.

As it is, let’s keep it short and sweet and get to the workout! It’s a grind, so really take a hard look at this one and let me know what you think.

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Aftermath of this workout.  @camking747

Aftermath of this workout. @camking747

#WorkoutoftheWeek 8.27.2019

WOD Credit: Marcus Filly & Revival Strength

For Time @ 75%
18-14-10-8-6 reps of:
Dual Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/53
Dual Kettlebell Rack Reverse Lunges (total reps) 70/53

Rest 3mins.

For Time @ 75%

8-10-12-14-16 of:
Burpee Plate Jumps
KB Snatch R 70/53
KB Snatch L 70/53

Strategy & Recap: Woof. This one took a big bite out of me. I knew from the get-go that starting out with the 70 kb’s would be damn tough, but I didn’t expect to be as defeated as I was towards the end. Looking back, I wish I had scaled down to 53 lbs. KB’s, but alas…..I had to take a lot of breaks from this one as dual KB Russian swings with two 70 KB’s was hard as hell.

As you might expect, you will have to take a wide stance with those dual Russian swings, and then immediately have to take the reverse lunges with KB’s quite slow. At least the reps count down in sets of 4. You’re not halfway through the first part until halfway through the round of 10, so remember that and move slow and controlled while keeping your breath!

As for the second part, the burpee plate jumps…..woof. Not easy. Grab a 10 or lbs. plate and jump to it before heading back down for your burpee. Then, you have that same amount of reps for the snatches there. TOUGH. Move well, slow and controlled and try to maintain your heart rate after the three minutes of rest. I’ll be shocked if you’re not pouring sweat by the end of this workout. Write it down, share it with a friend and GO GET AFTER IT!

Scaling: Scaling for this workout - honestly, keep the reps the exact same but lower the weight to a point where you feel like you can move well. Ladies, if you want to grab some 53 KB’s or some 36’s, or even 24 lbs. bells, then do it! Find your weight, but move with purpose here. The key and goal (from Revival Strength) should be to look good and move well. Don’t forget it!

Let me know what you folks think about this one down below in a comment, and feel free to check out more from Marcus Filly here.

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