#WorkoutoftheWeek - 9.2.2019 - Revival Strength Day 29

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— Dr. Seuss

Welcome back to our #WorkoutoftheWeek posts. If you’re craving some new AMRAP’s or just workouts in general to help you get after it, you’ve come to the right place. We’re sharing them from our drop-ins, tours, and personal programming, so come and get it every week.

Consistency is the key here with fitness. Remember that. Also, what you put in is what you get out of it, in the kitchen, in the box and in life.

Let’s get to the workout, which comes to us from Revival Strength, that’ I’ve been doing for about 6 months or so. I cannot recommend it enough! Check it out and try this wod out when you can.

12 minute AMRAP

WOD Credit: Marcus Filly

  • Row 15/12 cals

  • 30 meter axel bar OH carry (at a heavy weight)

  • 15 anchored sit-ups

  • Run 200 meters

  • 12 axel bar front reverse rack lunges (same weight as above)

  • 12 hand-release push-ups

This is a solid workout here. I actually needed a workout where I could just move through the movements and run it out so this was exactly what I was craving when I tackled it. Not too heavy, not too much, just the right amount of movement so you don’t get stuck staring at the bar questioning life…..also, read the above image with Marcus Filly and the KB up there. Sometimes you have to decrease the workload to reignite passion. I fully believe in that for life as well.

Pacing: When it comes to this workout, you should gun to hit all of this at about 80% and turn it up at about 4-minutes and again at the 8-minute mark. Try and make the last 4-minutes the most strenuous and push the pace there. This isn’t an overwhelming amount of work here, so do what you can.

Set-up: If you don’t have an axel bar, that’s ok, just use a regular male/female bar and load the bar accordingly so you can aim to do everything unbroken here. For the anchored sit-ups you will want to grab some 35 lbs. DB’s and get moving close to the rower etc.

Overall: Save this workout for a day you want to move consistently and flush out some of the lactic acid. You don’t need to go HAM everyday at the gym. Focus, discipline, moving well, and consistency are keys and recipes for longterm success in all things. Remember that! Crush this workout.

Take a peek at Revival Strength down below and submit a #WorkoutoftheWeek to us by email us at: staff@voyedgerx.com

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